Antoinette Parekh - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
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“I have gotten to know Antoinette as a colleague and now a friend, as we are both therapists here in Santa Cruz, CA. Since she is bright, insightful and calm, as well as deeply compassionate, Antoinette must surely have very grateful clients. What's more, as I learned from how she treats me and others, Antoinette gives everyone vigilant, and warm attention - which translates for clients into a very caring way of being present with them. On top of all that, there's her meditation background and all her training, I recommend her highly as a therapist.”
-Jamie Hollomon, Marriage, Family & Child Therapist.
“I have the great pleasure of working with Antoinette in my private practice. She is a gifted therapist with a great deal of experience and maturity in her approach to her work. Antoinette had her own practice in Australia before arriving in California. To practice here, she has had to proceed through our state licensing process. She has almost completed that process, but unlike many other pre-licensed therapists, Antoinette is already a seasoned practitioner in the field. One of the most important concerns anyone should have about choosing a therapist is making sure the therapist is dedicated to an ongoing practice of their own self-reflection and personal growth. Antoinette practices mindfulness meditation in a way that gives her ready access to clarity of thought and emotional clearing. This enables her to be very present with clients. And it also gives her the background to teach these very effective techniques, so that her clients can enjoy the same access to greater self-awareness and enhanced abilities to tackle life's challenges. I have only the highest recommendation of Antoinette's skill as a therapist.”
-Tim Hartnett PhD, Marriage & Family Therapist.
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