Antoinette Parekh - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
My name is Antoinette Parekh and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Positive Discipline Educator, and Zen Meditation Teacher. My counseling practice is in downtown Santa Cruz on Ocean Street, where I offer private sessions for individuals, couples, and children.
I generally work with people who are needing to fine-tune some aspect of their life. Some clients are struggling with very stressful symptoms, while others are high functioning people needing to resolve a problem or challenge. Clients may want to more fully realize their potential, either creatively, in their careers, in regard to health and wellness, or within their families. I have the latest training in EMDR. This is a focused technique designed to dissolve the negative impact of distressing past events. It is brief, solution focused, and an evidence-based technique shown to bring rapid results.
My book is now available. Buy it here.
200 Ways to Calm Down is an easy-to-use manual for people in crisis or suffering from prolonged anxiety. It is based on the techniques I used when I experienced a major trauma, combined with techniques commonly offered to clients. Each of the 23 chapters focuses on specific areas including connecting to others, moving your body, managing time, gaining mastery, self-expression, and therapeutic supports. It is designed as an easy reference so that users can quickly find ideas to help reduce distress in the short term, and strategies for long term change.
  • Anxiety and PTSD symptom reduction
  • Relationships and Communication
  • Creative Expression and goal setting
I employ a variety of techniques including EMDR, positive psychology, relational, cognitive behavioral, and expressive arts. Sessions are driven by the needs of the client and I work in ways that are comfortable and effective for you.
Traumatic Growth Theory  focuses on, firstly reducing the and anxiety, followed by harnessing the positive transformation that can occur after recovering from trauma.
Communication Skills are a major aspect of building understanding and co-operation. By exploring thoughts, feelings and triggers I can help you get to know your patterns and develop more effective ways to communicate with others.
Positive Psychology draws on your strengths. Challenges are seen as opportunities for positive change. It can help with marital conflict, divorce mediation, parenting, grief, addiction, anxiety, phobias, and self esteem.
Mindfulness   can enhance and strengthen the positive changes that occur in therapy. Stress, anxiety, and feelings of self doubt can be dramatically reduced by developing an awareness and an ability to observe the mind and its movements. Mindfulness and brief meditation techniques can assist this process.
For information or to schedule an appointment call: 831 -607-9224
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Phone: 831-325-3192
Address: 542 Ocean St., Suite K  Santa Cruz 95060
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