Antoinette Parekh - Marriage and Family Therapist Intern # 65087
Supervisor: Tim Hartnett PhD. MFC # 27228.
Be Heard, Feel Better, Move Ahead
Are you:
  • looking for couples counseling?
  • In crisis?
  • Worried about a specific issue
  • Concerned about your child?
  • Anxious or under stress?
I have been working as a therapist, counselor and educator for many years, both in Australia and in the United States. I have a long training in Zen meditation and bring the skills of mindfulness into my work. To ensure your comprehensive care I work with MDs, mediators, and health professionals to keep you balanced in body and mind.
I believe each of us is striving to do our best to find happiness.  I can help you identify new ways of relating, rediscover skills and find fresh ways to view old problems so that you can actualize your potential and find greater peace.
Therapy can be an enriching experience and I invite you to see how it may help heal and encourage you to move forward in your aspirations.
I specialize in:
Mindfulness – Working in the present moment with body and mind to bring about understanding, insight, and transformation. I trained for 14 years in the Zen tradition and bring this meditative awareness and attention to my work with mindfulness.
Couples Counseling – Couples are usually seeking to be understood and to have their needs met. I see my role as helping couples improve their communication skills to better meet their own and each others needs.
Parenting – I have been teaching parenting classes for many years and help parents learn positive ways to engage with their children and to create stability especially when navigating a separation or change of circumstance.
Children – Children process stressors differently to adults. I engage in creative arts and play therapy to help children assimilate and transform the challenges they face.
Anxiety and Panic Disorders - Anxieties, phobias, and panic attacks often respond well to very specific cognitive and behavioral treatments. When these techniques are combined with a caring attention to the individual's specific needs, rapid progress can be made.
For information or to schedule a free consult call: 831 -607-9224
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